Portraits: Passion Pit

Portrait of Boston, Massachusetts electronica band Passion Pit photographed backstage at Classic Car Club, NYC. May 14, 2010. Ayad Al Adhamy, Michael Angelakos, Jeff Apruzzese, Nate Donmoyer, and Ian Hultquist. Copyright © 2010 Matt Eisman. All Rights Reserved. (Matt Eisman)

I snapped a quick backstage portrait of Passion Pit before their secret performance at Classic Car Club.

Photographer’s Notes

I had no idea this was going to happen when I first walked in the door. The band asked for backstage portraits from three select photographers, and I was one of them. I had literally less than five minutes to pull this together because they had a bunch of interviews to complete before they hit the stage, and since I was last of the three photographers. No time for multiple looks or individual shots, and little margin for error.

The backstage lounge was what normally would be the car mechanic area. There were two cars sitting in the area plus a lot of interesting other gear and equipment, which I wanted to incorporate into my shot. I arranged the guys how I wanted, snapped a couple test frames, quickly adjusted my exposure, and that’s it.

My exposure was 1/160 at f/5.0 and ISO 1600. I used one SB-600 on-camera for fill set in manual mode at about 1/4 power.

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