Portrait: Endless Dark

Portrait of the Icelandic metal band Endless Dark taken on-location at Gamli Gaukurinn in Reykjavík, Iceland. April 11, 2014. Copyright © 2014 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved (Matthew Eisman/Photo by Matthew Eisman)

I shot a quick portrait with post-hardcore rockers Endless Dark before their gig at Gamli Gaukurinn.

Photographer’s Notes

We shot this one pretty quickly after their soundcheck. It was a three-light setup using two bare speedlites on either side for separation plus an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra firing into a five-foot octabox for key. I also cranked up the stage lights for rim lighting and to help create a little more interest graphically. I’d say that the toughest part of making this image was posing seven guys creatively in a frame. But it was a fun challenge and they were great to work with. Hopefully we’ll shoot together again soon!

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