CKY – Gramercy Theatre

Lots of mugging, gorgeous lighting and badass metal riffs. West Chester, Pennsylvania’s own CKY rocked Gramercy Theatre NYC.

Photos of alt-metal band CKY performing at Gramercy Theatre, NYC. March 19, 2011. Copyright © 2011 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved. (Matthew Eisman)

Photographer’s Notes

I’m adding guitarist Chad Ginsberg to my list of favorite musicians to photograph. He shreds face-melting riffs and loves to mug for the cameras. Wish that more rockers were as fun to shoot. Full set credentials was a huge plus for shooting CKY. I wouldn’t have gotten any of my best shots within the standard first three songs. Shooting the full set means you have ample timing to anticipate the band members’ movements and lighting, and you’ll end up with the highest quality images possible. It’s a win for you, the band and fans. I also had additional access that allowed me to shoot from the side of the stage where I got pretty much all of my shots of drummer Jess Margera.

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