ATP Iceland Portraits 2014

Portraits of Samaris taken backstage at Atlantic Studios in Ásbrú for ATP Iceland 2014 in Keflavík, Iceland. July 11, 2014. Copyright © 2014 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved (Matthew Eisman/Photo by Matthew Eisman)

ATP Iceland was back in 2014 even bigger and better than before. I wanted to try something different and challenging, so I decided to shoot a series of backstage band portraits. For some artists I had less than a minute to work with. For others, time was flexible and we tried a few different looks. I didn’t get everyone, but it still turned out pretty great. Hit the jump to see the full series! Continue reading


Portraits: Reykjavík Folk Festival 2014

Portrait of Icelandic band Hymnalaya taken during Reykjavík Folk Festival 2014 at KEX Hostel in Reykjavík, Iceland. March 7, 2014. Copyright © 2014 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved (Matthew Eisman/Photo by Matthew Eisman)

I shot a personal project at Reykjavík Folk Festival 2014. I wanted to challenge myself to create a portrait series using a vintage camera format—a 1940s Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5. I integrated Fuji instant film and modern Speedlite flashes into my setup. Everything was done in-camera. Hit the jump to view the series plus extra images and notes about my process. Continue reading


Portraits: Of Monsters and Men

Portraits of the Icelandic band Of Monsters And Men taken on-location at Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland. October 31, 2012. Copyright © 2012 Matthew Eisman. All Rights Reserved. (Matthew Eisman/Photo by Matthew Eisman)

Here’s a belated set of portraits featuring Iceland’s most popular new music export, Of Monsters and Men! These were shot inside Harpa Concert Hall during Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. In preparation, I scouted the exact spot of our shoot, brainstormed a few different looks and planned to use the natural light given from Harpa’s unique glass windows. I think we made some compelling shots. Continue reading